T. Strong

T. Strong used his grit, faith and perseverance to become the Founder and CEO of this performance inspiration lifestyle brand. From humble beginnings to an entrepreneur and corporate executive, he leveraged his background in technology, design, sports and music and brought that creative mindset to the performance wear industry. His new career calling is storytelling. Using his own story as inspiration, T. Strong ultimately started the brand to inspire and change lives. He envisioned a brand that would connect with and embody the identities, interest and lifestyles of modern culture.



”I want to use my story to inspire a person; who will use their story to inspire another person." T. Strong

What's your story: Overcame a Demon? Leave/Return? Funny? Rags to Riches? Adventure? Tragedy? Breakthrough?

Surviving a childhood against the odds, surrounded by poverty, abuse, drugs, alcohol and violence, T. Strong is always eager to speak on his adversities and life lessons to help others solve their problems and breakthrough. He decided this is a way to give back and inspire others by sharing his relevant stories of struggles and resilience. He uses his experiences, unique perspective and humor to connect with audiences while giving tools they can use in their own aspirations.

T. Strong is a personable, engaging, vulnerable and inspiring communicator who can infuse his stories into any platform. He customizes each speaking engagement to fit the objectives and vision of the partner. Whether you're a conference, business, college or non-profit, he can add value to your event.

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